When powerful pressures of your world push sideways, rest easy knowing Picture It Landscape and Design has the experience to keep those pressures in check: RETAINING WALLS. 


You can see a well-designed retaining wall after a year or more. Properly-installed, it will resist the powerful pressures exerted by the earth and will look great for many years, possibly even your lifetime. 

Seldom is building a retaining wall a do-it-yourself project. Like many other construction projects, retaining walls are not so easy to erect if you want them to look great for more than the first year. Indeed, there is a science behind constructing long-lasting retaining walls. That science includes an understanding of techniques and materials, and requires plenty of experience. Picture It Landscape and Design offers you all of that!

Without getting too complicated, [handling the complexity is our job], there are a number of building techniques and wall design types from gravity to cantilevered to tieback, and more. Which should you use? We can help with that. Add to that a wide variety of materials to pair beauty with performance, from natural stone to interlocking, and much more. The receipe for getting it right is a mixture of one part science, one part art, and one part successful experience.

Picture It Landscape and Design has the science, materials and EXPERIENCE 

Whether you envision adding more space or improving the visual appeal of your property, the right landscape design for your property may dramatically increase the usefulness and value. For example, whether a small garden or larger structures such as terraces or stairways, retaining walls may be your solution that introduces a property-enhancing functionality and a unity of design. If you are thinking of adding a retaining wall, contact us first.

You’ll love the friendly and considerate way we treat our customers. But, you’ll be especially thrilled with the professional and efficient work we do for you.