Patios & Walkways

A  PATIO  by Picture It Landscape and Design extends your living space.

  Want more living space, more square footage without tearing down your house? Think, “a patio”! Most people don’t think of their outdoor property as an extension of their living space, but now YOU do. A patio can refresh your property. A patio can turn unused space into an extended living space.  A patio can add to the enjoyment of your yard on beautiful-weather days. By making a patio a functional part of your living space you can have plenty of room to move some of your  indoor living activities or needs to the outdoors, as weather permits: eating, dining, entertaining, and relaxing.  PICTURE IT LANDSCAPE and DESIGN can offer many ideas to help turn your wasted outdoor space into a vibrant living, entertaining, or even a relaxing space. And, if your budget allows, you can add plenty of amenities to a patio to further extend its design and functionality. For shade, you can have us construct a pergola, arbor, awning, trellis, or dig into our bag of landscaping ideas for other suggestions. We can offer ideas which transform mundane yards into useful, vibrant, property appealing spaces.   See PATIO  Photo Gallery Below

A  WALKWAY  by Picture It Landscape and Design says “Welcome” and may add to visitor safety while on your property. 

  Every home has a walkway. As a feature, your walkways can add or detract from the total resale value of your home and property. An ugly walkway may also present a hazard to visitors or to the elderly. To meet your need for a safer walkway, we can repair your walkway or offer some exciting ideas for a walkway makeover. Either way, the end result from us will delight you. We have plenty of materials for you to choose from including: all kinds, sizes, or cuts of stone, brick, gravel, flagstone, and plenty of choices of shapes, texture, and designs. If your walkway is in your front yard, you’d be extending a welcoming hand to members of your family, friends, and even first-time visitors. Contact PICTURE IT LANDSCAPE and DESIGN for some ideas on how to make your walkway say “hello and welcome”… in a nicer way. See WALKWAY Photo Gallery Below

Photo Gallery of PATIO projects