In the book, “ACRES OF DIAMONDS”, we learn that the highly treasured “diamond” was not far afield, nor buried in some distant mine.  Instead, it is right there in your yard. It is far-fetched to think we can walk outside our homes with a shovel and actually dig up a true, carbon-based, diamond. That’s not going to happen. But a beautiful garden, for many, can be as precious as that proverbial diamond. And just about anyone can have one.

Gardens can be special. Few things can affect and excite the human spirit the way that a beautiful garden can. Thanks to Nature, we have a delightfully rich combination of colours, textures, sizes, shapes, and designs to work with.

PICTURE IT LANDSCAPE and DESIGN can help you discover or create the “diamond” in your yard. We can offer plenty of garden design ideas for your own modern outdoor spaces. Contact us for a friendly chat.