What’s In It For You?

Better Resale Value

If buyers can’t see it, they won’t value it. Our ideas, experience and willingness to work hard for you, may help you to maximize your property’s value when it comes time to resell.  Contacting us may be a very smart investment.



Large or small, attractive driveways help to create the right atmosphere for your property and may be an important part of the selling or buying consideration. Great driveways may boost your property’s value.


Better Patio

The right landscape design can help to extend your living space, and living experience,  into the outdoors. Transform under-used spaces into great outdoor entertaining or comfort zones.


Better Walkway / Side Yards / Steps

A well-designed walkway is a great way to express your consideration for your guests. Whether it is due to improved safety or improved aesthetics, its landscaping’s way of extending a welcoming hand and for caring for others walking on your property.



Few things can affect and excite the human spirit the way that a beautiful garden can. Nature offers a delightfully rich combination of colours, textures, sizes, shapes, and designs to work with. A garden can be your very own “diamond” in your back yard.



Just PICTURE IT:  “We’ll move the earth to make you happy!” Our experience, when combined with our efficient, hard work and our full-service turn-key offerings, is suitable for small or large landscaping design and installation projects.



We know you work hard for your money. We do everything in our power to respect you and your budget. We work hard to ensure you get maximum value from our work and from your property.


Better IDEAS

Thinking of doing some landscaping? We can offer ideas and suggestions to combine with yours. There is much to know when it comes to landscaping design. We have the experience and drive to help you achieve your landscaping goals.



Quality landscape design can be rather complicated. Before you get overwhelmed, contact us. It is our job to handle the complexity. We mean it when we say, “Projects big or small, Picture It Landscape & Design is who to call.”