A YOU-FIRST COMPANY. We are a quality, full-service, (turnkey), landscape and design company. Check the “Customer Commnts” page to learn what a sampling of our customers think of us. But here’s what we want YOU to think of when you think of PICTURE IT LANDSCAPE and DESIGN: “…we are great to do business with.” Think of us as a friend with which to share your landscape ideas and wishes. You will find us very friendly and responsive in everything we do. It’s easy for us to ensure that YOU come first. We clearly know that you are the reason for us being in business. Happy clients are the heart and soul of our business and we aim to be in business for a long time to come. It’s all about you, your wishes, and vision.  Whether big or small projects, we love to hear your ideas or questions and love to share ours. We offer distinctive, functional designs, from simple to elegant, from concept to finished installation. Not only do we pride ourselves on being great to talk to, but we also pride ourselves on being great to do business with. If you decide to work with us, know that we extend our care to your property, too. While working on your property we’ll take every precaution also to minimize inconveniences. Our work methods and projects are well-managed. We work quickly, efficiently, diligently and safely. All members of our staff are approachable, personable, and a joy to speak to, even when “on the job”. It’s all about us doing the hard work to help you achieve your landscaping objectives. We strive to add dramatic and noticeable value to your property. Our company has been in business for over 12 years. We have plenty of hands-on experience and now have plenty of happy customers to show for it. Before that, we worked hard to acquire a formal education and a number of years of internship in the field. In other words, we have the credentials to do a great job. We have what it takes to help you turn a vision into your landscape joy that will last nearly forever. Engaging a professional firm with our qualifications may sound expensive but it isn’t. Our design and our work is always tailored to fit your budget. Beautiful landscapes do not have to be expensive landscapes. Ask us for a consultation and learn how beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, but also within your grasp. We are nice people and gladly will take time, no matter how busy we are, to have a free chat with you. After all, we know that the true seeds for our existence are happy clients. Please take a few minutes and tour through our photo galleries, this website, or simply ust phone or use the contact form to learn more about us and what we can do for you. We at Picture It Landscape and Design wish to say, “Thank you for your interest in our website and in our company.”